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The ReSolve Initiative

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Investment Strategy
To address the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic over the next 12-24 months, we are focussing on two longer-term issues – MSMEs and migrant workers – that have got renewed focus due to the pandemic. As a part of our ReSolve Initiative, we believe it is time for India’s boldest and brightest minds – entrepreneurs, thought leaders, policy makers and citizens – to come together to reframe and resolve the issues plaguing these areas.

We will be investing to empower MSMEs and support migrant workers.To know more about the initiative click here. If you have further questions, please refer to the FAQs section
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Under the MSME strategy, we will be investing in:

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Pilot projects at a cluster or state level to seed system-level innovations

Sandbox/viable pilot solutions that aim to reimagine the business environment for MSMEs by seeding system-level innovations.

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Promoting digital infrastructure for MSMEs

Digital building blocks, platforms and ecosystems that address key problems the sector faces, like access to credit & government services, compliance and access to markets.

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Stimulating capital in a risk-averse environment

Initiatives that look to build sector infrastructure to solve systemic challenges – dearth of wholesale finance, lack of risk capital, lack of sufficient data – that would lead to substantial benefits for the MSME sector in the form of better access to cheaper capital.

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Amplifying the voice of MSMEs

High-quality data systems that capture MSME pain points, financial and operational health, and channel this into feedback loops for necessary industry action and policy interventions.

Under the Migrant Worker strategy, we will be investing in:

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Ease of living for migrant workers: access to housing and civic services

Innovative models of housing and access to essential services (civic amenities) for migrant communities. This will lead to better economic, social and health outcomes and integration into our cities.

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Pilot projects in ethical employment practices, worker welfare, safety nets and inter-state collaboration

Sandbox/ viable pilot solutions to support adoption of ethical employment practices, and improve access to welfare and safety nets. These are often unique challenges that migrants face in cities. Projects could also include enhancing coordination of migration support efforts between states.

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Evidence based narratives to inform public and policy

Amplifying data, research and evidence backed narratives, to make the scale and nature of the migrants’ problem more visible. This can support more informed public discourse, program design and policymaking.