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GiveIndia is a crowd-funding platform that connects donors and non-profits, bridging the trust deficit among donors towards non-profits and helping trustworthy non-profits access retail donations at significantly lower costs.

GiveIndia helps NGOs tap into the power of peer-to-peer fundraising through their employees, volunteers and donors. Individuals (employees, volunteers, donors, etc.) can create fundraising campaigns in favour of an NGO on GiveIndia's online crowd-funding platform. It also a runs a “subscription” program, where donors sign up for committed donations every month enabling long-term giving. GiveIndia also ties-up with corporates through their HR/CSR departments to enable payroll giving. 

By making it simpler for nonprofits to raise retail funds, GiveIndia provides nonprofits crucial access to flexible funding that allows them to build organizational capacities and prepare for growth. GiveIndia thus plays a crucial role in helping nonprofits scale and increase their impact.

ONI Impact Thesis

By creating a tech-driven marketplace that connects non-profits with retail donors, GiveIndia is increasing flow of  funds to some of the most underfunded nonprofit organisations in India that are delivering critical services to underserved and marginalised populations. By deploying a framework that evaluates the credibility of NGOs, GiveIndia is also helping them address the issue of trust which is often a critical barrier to retail fundraising.

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Atul Satija

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