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Jan Sahas is a non-profit organization working on strengthening economic opportunities, land, livelihoods and welfare benefits for India's most marginalized communities

Jan Sahas was founded in 2001 in Madhya Pradesh to work towards economic empowerment for India's marginalized communities- Dalits, tribals, women, migrant labourers, sex workers and survivors of sexual violence. Jan Sahas provides individual support such as counselling, legal aid, access to livelihoods, skills training, land and property rights, social support such as community programs, social and behaviour change, awareness drives and works with the local government, police and state apparatus to influence better policies and implementation for these groups. Jan Sahas works across 100+ districts and 12+ states and impacts over 5M people. 

Jan Sahas finds that access to land and housing is a critical pillar of economic and social empowerment. They work with marginalized communities & groups which historically lack land, housing, and assets, to enable them to have possession of land and assets, access land-related services such as mutation, registration, record updation, access legal aid over disputes in order to ease the use of land towards a better economic future. 

ONI Impact Thesis

By updating and digitising land records in partnership with government stakeholders, establishing on-ground resource centres and legal resources, and building capacity of community-based organizations, Jan Sahas facilitates faster and easier access to legal land entitlements for marginalized communities including farmers, tribals and women-headed households

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Ashif Shaikh

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