Investment Strategy

Omidyar Network India believes there are few more direct pathways to opportunity than education. We invest in solutions that can improve learning outcomes for millions of students by reimagining what is taught and how students learn in the 21st century. This includes developing competencies like critical thinking and creativity, and mindsets such as grit and empathy – which are vital to quality learning and critical for learners to succeed as the workforce of the future.

Our investments and grants span the following themes:
  • K12 ed tech: Disruptive models to reach millions of learners directly, both inside and outside the classroom.
  • K12 affordable private schools: Innovative pedagogical approaches & models that can achieve scale.
  • Workforce development: Outcomes-linked skilling, upskilling and entrepreneurship development.

We work with bold entrepreneurs in education and skilling in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. Omidyar Network’s dual cheque book approach of equity investments and grants enables us to operate at three levels – supporting market innovators, building sector infrastructure, and informing policy discussions that drive sector-level change.


Equity Investments