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Education & Employability

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Investment Strategy
We seek to improve learning and life skill outcomes of Pre K-12 students and employability outcomes of those at the cusp of entering or already entered the workforce. We also seek to invest in models that are enabling new forms of employment at scale.
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Our investments span the following themes

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Pre K-12: EdTech

  • Online/blended learning models
  • Life skills interventions
  • Gamification led learning solutions
  • Peer-to-peer learning solutions
  • Parental education/awareness models (especially for 0-3 years age children)
  • Differentiated learning models like home school, focus on differently abled
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Workforce Development

  • Online/blended learning models
  • Curriculum interventions, admissions support, placement services, tech infra or full-stack models for college/vocational program
  • Platforms that provide student counselling or enable them to discover alternate careers
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Digital livelihoods

• Recruitment/staffing platforms for gig, blue, grey, white collar workers

• Creator economy focused solutions

• Social selling models

• SaaS tools that are used at work to improve productivity

• Models fuelling entrepreneurship/self-employment

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structural barriers

  • Make internet a safe space for children/youth
  • Bridging ’digital divide’ in NHB (children/youth)
  • Life Skills (children/youth)
  • Parental/student education/awareness for quality education
  • Increasing student enrollment in higher-ed (colleges/skilling)
  • Social security for gig economy/blue-collar workforces



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research & Awareness Building

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