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Research and Awareness Building

The International Innovation Corps (IIC) is a program based out of the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy (UChicago). Top graduates from UChicago and Indian universities are selected, trained, and split into teams of fellows, which IIC embeds in government organizations in India. Teams spend one or two years developing an innovative, scalable solution to a development challenge. 

We have funded IIC to set up the Young Leaders in Tech Policy (YLT) fellowship. YLT places young professionals with a background in engineering, in independent organizations that provide policy input as part of their core research, implementation and advocacy work. The fellows spend two years exploring the sector, engaging with the tech ecosystem, and receiving frequent training. The fellowship aims to bring new voices into tech policy and to develop the next generation of thought leaders. 

ONI Impact Thesis

By bringing young professionals with a background in technology and providing them opportunities to work at technology policy and implementation organisations, IIC aims to improve the quality of the tech policy discourse as well as provide end-to-end support for implementation for programs run by government departments, foundations, and large-scale NGOs.

Why We Invested
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