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The Equal Opportunities Lab

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Investment Strategy
We will invest in tech-based innovations and systemic solutions to reverse four key structural inequities and accelerate our journey towards a more equitable India.

We will support the following themes

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Enabling Agency of Women

  • Women-first models that help bridge the digital and technology divide
  • Models and networks that promote women entrepreneurship
  • Platforms and services that offer knowledge, networks, and tools to enable agency and improve overall quality of life
  • Knowledge and narratives to share impactful models and encourage action
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Empowering Persons with Disabilities

  • Models that enhance availability, accessibility, affordability of assistive technology solutions
  • Models that enable PWDs to lead a more dignified, independent, meaningful life
  • Knowledge, narratives, policy, incubators, pilots that address systemic barriers to inclusion
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Building Under Served Regions

  • Invest in under-developed regions with low SDG scores (e.g., NE, other backward regions)
  • NP & FP models that enhance living conditions, livelihoods, and life outcomes
  • Ecosystem plays – incubators, accelerators, networks (NP & FP)
  • Pilots and government capacity building to build critical development infrastructure
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Supporting the Elderly

  • Elder-first models offering financial security, safety, wearables, portable medical devices, senior living facilities/services, emergency and care giver services, social well- being, employment
  • Age-based tech models that enable the elderly to be part of the digital marketplace/ecosystem


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