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Professional Assistance for Development Action (PRADAN), is one of the largest professional non-profit organizations in the country with 500+ development professionals working in nearly 10,000 remote villages of India. These professionals immerse themselves directly with local communities across seven of the poorest states and PRADAN has impacted more than 4 million lives-the majority of them from marginalized section of the society.

Through its long grassroots engagement, PRADAN has developed different models on tribal livelihood like Farm-Based Livelihood, INRM, Tasar, Livestock rearing, Land Rights, Water and Sanitation, Nutrition Security, with a focus on gender, governance and collaboration approaches.

Working for decades with women groups in institution-building and livelihood promotion, PRADAN realized that secured land rights are essential to addressing poverty, promoting sustainable livelihood, and enhancing social security and community empowerment. Access and control over natural resources remains one of the core domains of engagement where we engage in the facilitation of the claim-making process, land mapping and demarcation of IFR and CFRR areas with the use of technologies, extend handholding support to gram sabhas in preparation and implementation of CFR Management plan and developing forest-based livelihoods.

ONI Impact Thesis

By leveraging GIS based technology to optimise the land mapping process, PRADAN is enabling secure land titles at scale -  helping over 1 million people gain secure land tenure, and over 4,000 villages gain community forest titles. By pioneering a set of interventions to enable forest-based livelihoods, PRADAN will also demonstrate the improvement in livelihoods among these households after receiving secure property titles.

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Deep Joshi, Vijay Mahajan & Narendranath Damodaran
Deep Joshi, Vijay Mahajan & Narendranath Damodaran
Co-Founders & Executive Director (respectively)

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