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India Innovation Insights Hub (I3H)

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Investment Strategy
We seek to enable channels for meaningful sharing of open technology and knowledge created in India with governments and enterprises in the rest of the world, especially low and middle-income countries that face similar development challenges.

We will support the following themes

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Open tech & DPGs

  • Supporting advancement of Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI), and Digital Public Goods (DPGs) globally
  • Driving adoption of open technologies developed in India and sharing learnings from India’s implementation experience 
  • Investing in institutions and multilateral forums on DPI and DPGs to facilitate exchange of knowledge and technology amongst low and middle income countries
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Impact-first investing

  • Partnering with industry bodies (e.g. GIIN) to help document and mainstream best practices in impact-first investing
  • Showcasing impact investing success stories from India at global impact investing forums
  • Supporting creation of industry-wide benchmarks on impact management and measurement practices
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GoodTech entrepreneurship

  • Accelerators, immersive learning experiences, and fellowship programs for entrepreneurs building ‘good tech’, i.e. technology that is both responsible and beneficial
  • ONI portfolio as a nursery for experimenting and documenting innovations in various sectors culminating in a knowledge platform


research & Awareness Building

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development orgs

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orgs supporting govt initiatives

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