Migration Data Hub: FAQs

Migration Data Hub: FAQs

Last month, we announced a call for proposals for a targeted multi-disciplinary research initiative, "˜Migration Data Hub', to explore key policy and implementation questions. For more details on this initiative including how to submit proposals, please read our blog.

We are also getting quite a few questions which we have attempted to answer below:

1. How long is the research call open for?

We will be reviewing applications that are sent to us over a 3 week period (22nd February to 15th March).

2. Is there a format for the proposals?

There is no specific format for the proposals however we expect it to cover the usual aspects (research question, research objectives, methodology, grant request, expected outcomes, the potential for policy impact, dissemination plans, team and organization bios, track record of past work). We might request references if the proposals proceed further.

3. What kind of teams are you looking for?

We will be looking to support innovative research entrepreneurs (i.e., sharp, mature researchers within credible institutions or experienced practitioners or established policy researchers) who can identify and own the research agenda and drive policy engagement and action. Individual researchers are strongly advised to partner with larger institutions/partners in order to be competitive.

4. What are the selection criteria?

Our selection will look at a holistic set of factors: a) Strength of proposed team, b) Strategic fit of proposed research given available data/research, c) Potential for policy impact, d) Quality of research question & methodology, e) Past experience in migration-related issues in India

5. What is the size of the grant you are looking to make?

The size of the grant will depend on the research question and the ambition of the proposal.

6. How long can the research be proposed?

We expect the research proposals to be a short-medium term (from 6 months to 1 year).

7. Is FCRA mandatory?

We can only make grants to entities that possess FCRA. If you have any specific questions on the entity structure and questions on FCRA, etc, please do write to us.

8. How do you differentiate between migration research proposal and migration data hub/centre of excellence?

We are looking for proposals that merit standalone consideration as well as institutions that want to establish a long-term research agenda/a centre dedicated to migration for which our funds can act as the "˜seed capital'. It can be a group of organizations that work together as a coalition or a single organization that curates and commissions the best in class research on migration. However, we expect that the financial costs to be light on overheads and focused on funding the actual research in either construct.