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Janaagraha engages citizens and uses technology to advance government transparency in order to improve the quality of life in urban communities in India.

Why We Invested

Janaagraha is one of the most respected and effective government transparency organizations in India. With Omidyar Network’s support, Janaagraha will extend its model beyond Bangalore to other cities and towns in India. The funding will also support Janaagraha’s online civic engagement platform, iJanaagraha, and its bribe reporting website, “I Paid a Bribe.” The iJanaagraha portal aims to initiate positive social change by building networks of communities and local civic bodies, providing data on urban issues, and fostering civic awareness.

Over the past decade, Janaagraha has developed and refined a model to improve civic engagement and urban governance in Bangalore. The organization’s approach focuses on coordinating citizens at a local level to hold responsible parties to account. To track the progress and effectiveness of its model, Janaagraha has developed an innovative quality-of-life indicator that tracks improvements in key dimensions of urban life, as well as a quality-of-citizenship metric that assesses citizen engagement, empowerment, and volunteerism in the community.