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Setup in 2008 with the mission to build sustainable and liveable cities, WRI India has been helping local bodies use integrated planning approaches that optimize land use, natural resource conservation and economic development for urban infrastructure investments. It does this by deploying full‐time, on‐the-ground, cross‐sector teams to provide integrated analytical and programme management support to urban local bodies.

Our grant to WRI India will enable it to scale its operations across multiple cities, and improve the living conditions of 300M + urban citizens. 

It will use a three-fold approach to drive impact at scale.

  • Undertake Strategic Projects: Use integrated planning approaches to design and implement iconic demonstration projects such as bus rapid transport systems and employment clusters.
  • Embed Integrated Planning: Embed data and tech-led urban planning processes in cities by introducing local bodies to geo-spatial mapping and data analysis.
  • Build Government Capacity: Leverage best-in-class research as well as learnings from its strategic projects to conduct training and workshops and build long term capacity of urban planners.

ONI Impact Thesis

By embedding data-driven integrated strategic planning in India’s cities, WRI India aims to transform the quality of urban infrastructure and services, thereby improving the quality of life for the Next Half Billion. By focusing on two specific strands of work i.e. Urban Development and Climate, WRI is supporting Indian cities in their journey to have a low carbon footprint, and become more resilient and inclusive.

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