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Several issues throughout India-the deteriorating air quality in Delhi, the crumbling infrastructure in Mumbai, the many gaps in service delivery and localised government-all point to significant challenges in governance across the country. From the largest metro areas to the smallest villages, the interests of citizens often do not translate into relevant public action due to opaque government processes, poor infrastructure around public services, and inadequate opportunities for citizen engagement.To address these challenges, Village Capital and  Omidyar Network are looking to support startup ventures driving citizen engagement in government systems and in their communities.

The program will support entrepreneurs with an award-winning program curriculum, 1:1 mentorship with sector leaders, and tailored engagements with strategic partners and investors.Areas of focus within the program will include product development, investment readiness, and customer/partner discovery. Participating ventures will evaluate each other using Village Capital's unique peer due diligence methodology, and Village Capital will potentially explore the option of investing into peer-selected ventures from the cohort.  Omidyar Network will take the top ventures from the program to an advanced stage of due diligence for further support and potential investment.

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