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The Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) is a non-profit organisation that undertakes interdisciplinary research on internet and digital technologies from policy and academic perspectives. The areas of focus include digital accessibility for persons with disabilities, access to knowledge, intellectual property rights, openness (including open data, free and open-source software, open standards, open access, open educational resources, and open video), internet governance, telecommunication reform, digital privacy, and cyber-security.

We funded CIS's digital identity program, through which it aims to do deep research on the design and uses of Digital Identity systems globally. The program seeks to understand the right technological and policy safeguards that can help minimise the risks and maximise the benefits of population-scale Digital Identity systems. It does this through critical evaluation of such systems in Estonia, India, Kenya, UK and other countries.

CIS also received a grant under The Vision Project for think-tanks, which it will use for leadership coaching, statutory compliance, team culture, and website development. It was also one of seven winners under the Digital Society Challenge, wherein it is piloting a web browser that helps counter gender-based violence online.

In June 2021, we provided a two-year unrestricted, core grant to The Centre for Internet and Society

ONI Impact Thesis

By undertaking interdisciplinary research, CIS seeks to understand the relationship between social processes and structures and the internet/digital media technologies, and how each impacts the other. By providing original insights in diverse areas ranging from digital accessibility for persons with disabilities to intellectual property rights to digital privacy, CIS is helping inform both policymaking and academia, and emerging as an important voice in creating a thriving digital society.

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