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Founded in 2011 as a business committed to women empowerment, Wingreens is focused on creating world class, minimally processed products using high quality ingredients that are sustainably sourced. Today, the Wingreen’s product portfolio spans multiple fast growing categories in foods and beverages – from healthy snacks to sauces & spreads to breakfast cereals to no-concentrate fruit juices among others. The company has an omni-channel distribution strategy through its D2C website alongside its offline retail footprint that in over 200 cities across India.

ONI Impact Thesis

By working with farmers to improve yields, expanding sustainable farm gate production, and sourcing responsibly from its farmers, Wingreens is increasing farmers’ incomes and creating meaningful livelihood opportunities for the local communities they work in. By offering a healthy range of quality food and beverage products, Wingreens is also shifting consumer preferences and contributing to a healthier India.

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Anju Srivastava
Anju Srivastava
Founder & CEO

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