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U2opia Mobile is a global provider of mobile applications that enable universal and customized access to a variety of social and utilitarian applications across a large handset spectrum from basic feature phones to smartphones.

The company works with global publishers, software developers, and mobile network operators (MNO) to provide access to a variety of applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and Wikipedia to people in the developing world who primarily access information through mobile devices promoting social connections, collaboration, and access to important information. U2opia has innovative products that serve audiences across pre-data (Fonetwish), data enabling (Fonepass), and App world (Foneverify) environments.

Over the span of five years, U2opia Mobile has inked strategic relationships with over 75 MNO's globally, and it runs operations from Singapore, Delhi, Dubai, and San Francisco.

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Sumesh Menon
Sumesh Menon
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