Emerging Technology

VOIZ is a gig work marketplace for the grey collared jobs.

VOIZ connects businesses with independent professionals for work fulfillment of simple online jobs like customer service, tele-calling, sales, data entry, recruitment, virtual assistance, tech support, and online reputation management. By making it easier for companies to hire gig workers in more traditional roles, VOIZ is reimagining the entire lifecycle of entry-level jobs.

In less than 1 year, it has onboarded more than 100+ businesses and 100,000+ gig work professionals on the platform. Over the next 5 years, VOIZ is looking to create employment for over 3 million people.

ONI Impact Thesis

By building a distributed marketplace for gig workers and matching them with end clients who have flexible demand, Voiz is generating livelihoods for thousands of individuals from the Next Half Billion. It is also bringing into workforce women who prefer to work from home on flexible projects, and equipping them with the right tools and training.

Why We Invested
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Rajesh Bernard
Rajesh Bernard
Co-founder and CEO
Vineet Patil
Vineet Patil
Co-Founder & CBO
Sandeep Nyamati
Sandeep Nyamati
Co-Founder & CTO