Why We Invested In Wingreens

Why We Invested In Wingreens

"By working with farmers to improve yields, expanding sustainable farm gate production, and sourcing responsibly from its farmers, Wingreens is increasing farmers’ incomes and creating meaningful livelihoods opportunities for the local communities they work in. By offering a healthy range of quality food and beverage products, Wingreens is also shifting consumer preferences and contributing to a healthier India"

Today more and more consumers are switching from the more familiar over-processed, fried, and unhealthy snacks in favour of healthy, minimally processed and fresh food. This shift in consumer preference has been accelerated by the pandemic which has highlighted the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. However, traditional FMCG brands have not been able to keep pace with the demand for healthy food, due to their long and complicated supply chain processes.

The supply chains play a critical role in the process of food innovation as well as in the life of the primary producers – the farmer. The farm supply chain that begins on the farm involves multiple intermediaries before the produce finally reaches its customer. By sharing their revenue with various layers, farmers lose out on potential upside in income. And because of the time taken to reach the customer, there is further loss on account of food wastage.

Enter Wingreens.

It was founded in 2011 by Anju and Arjun Srivastava as a business committed to women’s empowerment – WIN in Wingreens stands for Women’s Initiative Network. Today, it is a D2C brand in the food space with a differentiated farm-to-fork model. Its focused on creating world-class, minimally processed products using high-quality ingredients that are sustainably sourced. It also creating a positive impact for the farmers and women they work with. The Wingreen’s product portfolio spans multiple fast growing categories in foods and beverages - from healthy snacks to sauces & spreads to breakfast cereals to no-concentrate fruit juices among others.

Wingreens is innovating a new farmgate-production model at scale that adopts principles of sustainable ecological farming and creates value for the entire value chain of farmers, employees and consumers. Their direct sourcing and ecologically-balanced farmgate model for production and processing of all its products ensures freshness and better taste of products for customers.

Its model of partnering directly with farmers as well as the women working in the supply chain, production, and product distribution is helping create an economic as well as social impact in those communities.

We believe Wingreens will continue to create a significant impact across the value chain of farmers, local communities of women, and its end consumers. Its learnings and subsequent scaling up of farm-to-gate manufacturing will generate significant improvement in livelihoods for the local community while continuing to introduce products for its consumers that are healthier than existing market substitutes. We hope that in the coming years, Wingreens’ success will spur both younger and legacy consumer goods companies to replicate the model that is centered around creating a positive impact on both the supply chain and consumers.