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Louie Voice Control (LVC) is an accessibility platform built to assist the Visually Impaired community navigate mainstream mobile apps easily and empower them to live life without human assistance. The voice assistant, Louie, named  after the inspirational Louis Braille, the inventor of Braille, allows users to operate popular mobile applications with voice commands. Over time, LVC aims to become a global product that customises commonly-used apps to provide a native experience for Visually Impaired users, and people with other disabilities. 

ONI Impact Thesis

By helping its visually impaired users navigate mainstream daily use mobile apps with ease through voice commands, it aims to create significant impact for this large underserved community of 300 million globally. Louie Voice is a part of the larger effort to make tech products and services accessible for the people with disabilities and special needs.

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Pramit Bhargava
Pramit Bhargava

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Emerging Technologies