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92% Indian households get only 300 MB internet per day as the father in the family has a mobile plan capped at 1.5 GB per day.

Whereas, 10 GB per day per person is the real need. Home WiFi is the obvious answer, but India home wifi penetration is 8% vs 93% for China. It has several obvious advantages but inefficient delivery models are the key challenge.

Wiom is creating a new future where 24 hours Unlimited internet will be available to all. Anytime Anywhere. Customers get 50Mbps, Unlimited Internet at home for all family members for just ~80 rupee per month per user!

Powered by recent regulations, Wiom has created a unique ' Airbnb of Internet ' model and disrupted the market. Recently launched PM WANI regulation has created a new class of “internet aggregators’ and Wiom is the first license recipient. The model is 30X capital efficient and 10X scalable than traditional models. The team is solid engineers from IIT and IIM background.

ONI Impact Thesis

By enabling small businesses, such as Local Cable Operators, to set up at-home WiFi access points, Wiom helps them sell internet bandwidth to consumers, thereby providing them an additional source of income. Simultaneously, Wiom low-cost at-home and mobile wi-fi solutions help its customers overcome the affordability barrier that the “Next Half Billion” face in using the internet.

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Satyam Darmora
Satyam Darmora
CEO & Co-Founder


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Emerging Technologies