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iMerit is a leading IT solutions company that provides high-quality, tech-enabled data services that leverage human intelligence to power algorithms in Machine Learning while creating positive social change through employment in the digital economy.

iMerit utilises the power of rural youth and women, low costs of district infrastructure, and mobile/cloud/social media technologies to enable IT Smartsourcing and project services.

ONI Impact Thesis

By strategically anchoring its business model around an inclusive workforce comprising women, low-income youth, and people from marginalised communities, iMerit delivers computer vision and natural language processing services that power AI/ML applications for large global enterprises. iMerit is helping companies unlock  value from their unstructured data, while creating opportunities for employment in the global digital economy for segments that are typically ill-equipped and lack access to quality jobs.

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Radha Basu
Radha Basu

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Emerging Technologies