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Bounce is India’s first smart mobility solution, with a mission of making daily commute stress-free, time-saving, eco-friendly, and convenient. With a vision to make mobility a fundamental right, Bounce offers affordable daily rides that are easily accessible and convenient to book for all. It has built India’s largest dockless ride-sharing platform enabling millions of Indians to move at the most affordable price. Bounce also sells its affordable range of two-wheeler electric vehicles with flexible pricing plans in its mission to reduce the carbon footprint on Indian roads.

ONI Impact Thesis

By increasing the affordability and convenience of short-distance commutes through its ride-sharing platform and bike ownership with its range of affordable Electric Vehicle (‘EV’) two-wheelers, Bounce is improving mobility for millions of urban residents. The company’s fleet of EVs is reducing carbon emissions and decongesting roads. Bounce is an exemplar in tech-led innovation making utilitarian products and services more accessible to the Next Half Billion while creating sector change.

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Vivekananda Hallekere
Vivekananda Hallekere
CEO & Co-Founder


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Emerging Technologies