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Blackboard Radio is a platform for young professionals aspiring to learn English. The Blackboard radio app uses AI-based technology to provide personalised lessons to practice and help improve its users English speaking skills. The company is trying to solve the problem of ‘Silent English’ where students learn to read and write in English but are unable to speak it fluently. Through its affordable individual lesson plans as well as group sessions, the platform also aims to improve self-confidence and communication skills of its users.

ONI Impact Thesis

By leveraging artificial intelligence to provide interactive, personalised English language instruction over basic smartphones, Blackboard Radio is enabling conversational English competence for young professionals from all socio-economic backgrounds, including the Next Half Billion. Its AI-powered personalised English coach helps students regularly practice and improve their vocabulary or grammar, and in doing so helps improve their confidence in speaking and increases the chances of upward mobility in the workforce.

Why We Invested
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Vatsal Dusad
Vatsal Dusad
Co-founder & CEO


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Emerging Technologies