Financial Inclusion & Well-being

ZestMoney is a leading digital lending platform that provides Indian consumers with direct access to loans through a fast, convenient, and transparent experience. Its mission is to make life more affordable for every Indian using technology-led solutions. Zest enables lenders to reach a wider market by using an algorithmic credit-underwriting model to power lending decisions based on alternative data sources and extend credit to households that do not have access to credit cards or other formal sources of financing ranging from consumer products to education to healthcare, and other critical needs.

ONI Impact Thesis

By using technology to instantly verify creditworthiness of underserved consumers, Zest provides small ticket borrowers an alternative to borrowing at high interest rates. It is helping many consumers from the Next Half Billion access and integrate with the financial system for the first time by building credit histories.

Why We Invested
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Lizzie Chapman
Lizzie Chapman
Co-Founder and CEO