Financial Inclusion & Well-being

Riskcovry offers “Insurance-in-a-Box” to enable any company to offer digital insurance to their end-users.

As a technology platform supporting any insurance distribution across segments such as Health, General, and Life on both retail and group sides, Riskcovry is enabling a simple, seamless and secure experience for enterprise customers to start and scale their insurance business. Enterprise customers can quickly and easily access Riskcovry’s Application Programming Interface and SaaS technology to enable insurance as an offering, and scale to other products and channels.

ONI Impact Thesis

By creating ready-to-use, plug-and-play digital infrastructure that can enable any company to directly offer insurance to its end-users in a cost-effective manner, Riskcovry is addressing India’s massive underinsurance problem. Riskcovry’s one-stop-shop “insurance-in-a-box” approach and suite of innovative products is democratising insurance distribution to mass market India.

Why We Invested
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Sorabh Bhandari, Suvendu Prusty, Vidya Sridharan, Chiranth Patil
Sorabh Bhandari, Suvendu Prusty, Vidya Sridharan, Chiranth Patil