Financial Inclusion & Well-being

Credflow is a cashflow management platform focused on mid-market Small and Medium Enterprises by unlocking working capital for them.

Credflow enables SMEs to unlock working capital by helping them manage their finances better with timely insights through a dashboard of pending amounts by customers, sending regular payment reminders, validating invoices, and negotiating discounts for early payment. Businesses are able to reduce their working capital cycles, foresee future cashflows, and drive smarter business decisions enabling them to unlock 25-30% capital and use that to fuel growth.

With an aim to help businesses grow exponentially, Credflow is building a one-stop solution for business owners to manage their banking, payments, treasury, and get access to cashflow-based financing.

ONI Impact Thesis

By creating a digital platform that provides SMEs greater visibility and insights on their finances, Credflow is helping them tackle two of their biggest challenges – working capital management (particularly collection and funding of receivables) and ability to forecast their cash flows. Credflow is an example of fintech innovation that solves the critical needs of significantly underserved SME business owners, who are the largest employers of the Next Half Billion.

Why We Invested
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Kunal Aggarwal
Kunal Aggarwal
Founder & CEO