Financial Inclusion & Well-being

GramCover is a tech-enabled insurance marketplace for rural India. It is focused on development and brokerage of rural insurance products to farmers. GramCover aims to reduce costs and increase penetration in rural areas by leveraging technology and an innovative distribution approach. India’s farmers and rural communities are massively under-insured, and GramCover is working every day to design and distribute innovative insurance products to meet their needs.

ONI Impact Thesis

By leveraging technology and point-of-sale (POS) terminal based distribution, GramCover is a pioneering model in taking insurance to India’s most hard to reach population segments, helping them cope with unexpected risks. Its seamless ecosystem for delivery of insurance products such as crop, livestock, health, motor, life, and asset insurance are tailored to the needs of rural India.

Why We Invested
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Jatin Singh
Jatin Singh
Founder & Director