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QueueBuster is India’s Business Super App. It is a powerful Android-based Mobile POS application for all kinds of businesses.

QueueBuster is a full-stack mobile POS application to manage billing, inventory, khata (daily ledger), online dukaan, customers and loyalty programs all from a single application. The SaaS application is designed for a wide range of businesses from kirana and retail, to restaurants, fashion & apparel, to automobiles and more. QueueBuster runs on all Android devices including the recently introduced Android based credit/debit card swiping machines.

QueueBuster currently has over 20,000 merchants on-boarded on their platform across multiple industries ranging from neighbourhood kirana stores to enterprises like HUL, Tata, and ITC. They processed over 1.1 million invoices worth over INR 130 crores in May 2022 alone. So far, they have recorded more than 12 million invoices worth over INR 1000 crores on their app since January 2021.

ONI Impact Thesis

By partnering with banks, payment companies & embedding its solution in point of sales devices, QueBuster helps small merchants digitise business critical processes including billing, inventory management, creation of product catalogues, and managing customer loyalty programs in an economical manner and also helps them increase the efficiency of their daily operations.

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Varun Tangri
Varun Tangri
Founder and CEO