Financial Inclusion & Well-being

MyShubhLife is a Neo Bank for the Next Half Billion. With real-time analytics and credit reports based on alternative data, MyShubhLife reaches unserved and underserved market segments to provide meaningful financial inclusion.

MyShubhLife has further strengthened its financial inclusion goal through its financial wellness program for corporates and individuals by expanding its portfolio to include Mini and Micro loans, Insurance, Mutual Fund SIPS, Tax filing service, and more.

ONI Impact Thesis

By adopting a differentiated approach to customer acquisition and underwriting, MyShubhLife is serving the financial needs of blue-collar and low-income self-employed workers in a cost effective manner. MyShubhLife acquires customers through it scoring model which helps them assess their financial health and nudges them towards better financial behaviours. Its low-ticket-size products, affordable pricing, and mobile-led, local language model is uniquely tailored to the socio-cultural context of the Next Half Billion.

Why We Invested
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Monish Anand
Monish Anand
Founder & CEO