Financial Inclusion & Well-being

DGV is India's first integrated dairy fintech and marketplace platform. DGV aspires to be a one-stop platform for all financial and non-financial needs of India's dairy farmers, enabling seamless access to banking services at milk collection points through DGV Pay, along with customised financial products through DGV Money. DGV's integrated marketplace DGV Connect provides access to high quality dairy input products and services with embedded financing options. DGV is deeply committed to improving financial well-being and sustainability for India's dairy farmers and micro-entreprises, leveraging technological advancements in the dairy industry along with various elements of the India Stack.

ONI Impact Thesis

By embedding banking services at milk collection points, DGV brings unbanked and underbanked dairy farmers into the formal banking economy.  DGV’s integrated dairy fintech and marketplace model promises to improve productivity, sustainbaility and financial well-being for millions of dairy farmers and micro-entreprises in rural India.

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Ragavan Venkatesan
Ragavan Venkatesan
Founder, MD and CEO

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