Financial Inclusion & Well-being

Vistaar expands access to finance for small businesses in India, a segment of enterprises which is not currently served by the formal financial system. Vistaar has built a unique methodology for evaluating a customer’s creditworthiness, even in the absence of conventional income documents.

The company provides financial services through a transparent and low-cost approach that helps its customer's businesses achieve scale.

ONI Impact Thesis

By developing a deep understanding of cash flows in key MSME verticals and alternate methods to determine quality of informal collateral in rural/semi-urban India, Vistaar is helping hundreds of thousands of underserved businesses access capital critical for their growth and scale. By providing affordable, secured credit to small enterprises in semi-urban and rural areas, Vistaar is helping bring their owners into the mainstream, positively impacting their economic and social wellbeing.

Why We Invested
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Ramkrishna Nisthala
Ramkrishna Nisthala
Managing Director & CEO