By Namita Dalmia, Sarvesh Kanodia

Over the years, India has made tremendous progress in terms of improving literacy rates. However, in both the K12 and Post-K12 market, accessibility and affordability to quality education remain significant barriers in unlocking the youth's potential. This has created a significant market for EdTech offerings, which are poised to disrupt the status quo and change the education delivery landscape. By 2022, the K12 EdTech market is expected to be worth $1.7 BN and the Post-K12 EdTech market worth $1.8 BN, a growth of 6.3 times and 3.7 times, respectively, compared to 2019. For EdTech companies who seek to capitalise on this opportunity, this report provides detailed insights and recommendations, which are briefly discussed in the sections above.

This is a turning point for EdTech in India, with digital offerings leading the democratisation of education, bridging gaps in access to quality education and addressing key student pain points. For incumbent players, the time is opportune to seize the market.

You can read through the report below or you can download the report as a PDF here.