Education & Employability

Varthana offers loans for infrastructure projects to affordable private schools in India and aims to expand access, and improve the quality of education in the country.

Many schools utilise Varthana loans to renovate or expand infrastructure, such as the addition of a new library, playground, or lab. Schools also invest in teacher training programs, didactic materials, or improved learning solutions. 

ONI Impact Thesis

By providing loans to affordable private schools, a segment with limited access to formal financial services, Varthana is enabling them to invest in infrastructure upgrades and capacity increases that are critical for their long-term sustainability. It also provides educational loans to students in these schools – a highly underserved and vulnerable segment. With its innovative approach to credit such as providing students with outcome-linked financial incentives, Varthana is testing new pathways towards quality education.

Why We Invested
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Steve Hardgrave
Steve Hardgrave