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Kutuki is transforming the learning experience for millions of India’s youngest learners by building India’s first preschool learning platform made in India and made for Indian children. Kutuki’s interactive app and live classes, with a mixture of song and story-based learning, games, and activities enables children to build a strong foundation in language, basic maths, and science as well as build social skills and aid cognitive development at an age that is widely recognised to be the most important in the development of the human brain.

ONI Impact Thesis

By creating and providing engaging, culturally contextualised, and high-quality learning content, Kutuki is enabling pre-school students from across India to develop critical foundational skills like literacy, numeracy, and life skills, and thus setting them up for future success. Kutuki uses relatable Indian characters and multiple Indian languages to engage kids and improve learning outcomes.

Why We Invested
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Bharath Bevinahally, Sneha Sundaram
Bharath Bevinahally, Sneha Sundaram