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CloudSEK is an AI-driven Digital Risk Management Enterprise founded in 2015 by cybersecurity expert Rahul Sasi. It aims to construct a future where intelligent machines can emulate human cognition to predict cyber threats even before they occur.

Humans can accurately predict rain with the help of data sources and mathematical models. CloudSEK aims to do something similar in the cyberspace. Its technology focus is to predict cyber-attacks, even before they occur, by leveraging its AI platform.

CloudSEK's XVigil and BeVigil employ unique data sets, proprietary ML models, and non-intrusive techniques to identify, analyze, and resolve cyber threats proactively.

ONI Impact Thesis

By providing automated and rapid detection of digital threats, data breaches, and vulnerabilities, CloudSEK’s pioneering data security solution is helping companies keep their customer information safe and react rapidly to risks. By ensuring thorough scan of the internet across surface, deep, and dark web, it provides companies with robust risk coverage and significant cost savings, and leads to an overall reduction in risks faced by organisations and consumers.

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Rahul Sasi
Rahul Sasi
Executive Chairman and Founder

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