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A privacy-tech platform that currently offers virtual mobile numbers for businesses and individuals to communicate with the outside world.

As we head into a world with more digital transactions, consumers and businesses are becoming more susceptible to online frauds and identity theft. In a survey of 20 countries impacted by spam calls, India stood fourth, up from ninth last year, due to a significant rise in sales and telemarketing.

At Doosra, we solve this by allowing separate digital identities for their personal and public use. Doosra's privacy-tech platform currently offers virtual mobile numbers to ensure personal data does not become a weapon for telemarketers and scamsters. Using features like auto-block all calls, voicemail, trusted contacts, and passcodes, users of Doosra have reported a significant improvement in their mental health as they no longer have to worry about unknown strangers barging into their digital life.

ONI Impact Thesis

By providing a secondary, virtual mobile number, Doosra provides individuals with a digital identity layer, enhancing their control over their privacy and sensitive data provided for online transactions. Doosra also provides highly affordable customer engagement tools (such as virtual mobile platform,instant light IVR, etc.) to small and medium-sized businesses, enabling them to improve sales practices and customer experience. With their first-of-its-kind solutions, Doosra is charting new frontiers in the privacy and customer engagement landscape.

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Aditya Vuchi
Aditya Vuchi

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