Property Inclusivity

While technology solutions can help drive efficiency, most urban local bodies find high quality solutions expensive. Transerve Technologies works with cities to provide affordable tech solutions to infrastructure management issues such as property tax collection.

Transerve Technologies uses geospatial services such has unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and satellite imaging to more efficiently serve its customers. In many Indian cities, Transerve provides more efficient ways for individuals to exercise their rights to property through its SmartMu product, which is a GIS-based property tax management system.

ONI Impact Thesis

By focusing on geo-relevance with consumer centric, location-intelligent applications, Transerve pioneered a new model for better delivery of civic and other services to the average citizen . By simplifying the process of handling, visualising, and analysing location data through its geospatial analytics platform, Transerve now supports decision makers in the financial, real estate, retail, and other sectors in improving service delivery to a wide swathe of Indians.

Why We Invested
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Amarsh Chaturvedi and Ashwani Rawat
Amarsh Chaturvedi and Ashwani Rawat

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