Digital Safety of Children: Creating Safe Online Spaces

By Team Space2Grow and Lakshmi Pattabi Raman

In an era where the digital world seamlessly intertwines with the lives of ‘Digital Natives’ — children growing up in an era of ubiquitous internet usage — new opportunities as well as risks emerge. As online threats, including those of violence and exploitation loom, it becomes imperative
to understand children’s online experiences and navigate the evolving digital landscape they inhabit. This is the idea with which the research project ‘Digital Safety of Children: Creating Safe Online Spaces’ was initiated.
This study, by Space2Grow, supported by Omidyar Network India, aims to provide a holistic understanding of children’s online behaviour patterns. It incorporates the perspectives of other key stakeholders (parents, teachers, law enforcement, technology companies, academicians, judiciary, lawyers, and government officials) who shape the digital safety ecosystem of children. It also provides insights on actions that can be taken to promote safer internet usage by children.

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