The ReSolve Initiative: Seeking Proposals for a Migration Data Hub

The ReSolve Initiative: Seeking Proposals for a Migration Data Hub

As part of our ReSolve Initiative's focus on supporting Migrant Workers, we are looking to address the lack of systematic data, evidence and analysis on the topic of Migration.

The policy debate suffersfrom a lack of robust, timely data which in turns affects the ability of thestate and civil society to address key issues to do with livelihoods, safetynets, access to housing as well as access to basic civic services.

Omidyar Network India has articulated a strategic goal to support an evidence-backed debate on Migration and to shape policy discussions around it. A critical step in this regard is to set up a targeted multi-disciplinary research initiative ("˜Migration Data Hub') to explore key policy and implementation questions. The research initiative will aim to catalyse three main goals:

  1. Produce high quality and timely research on migration & the needs of the migrant community
  2. Engage with relevant stakeholders in government, civil society and private sector to inform policy and strategy decisions, in parallel with mainstream dissemination to ensure that research is widely accessible
  3. Build a research ecosystem for Migration

The Migration Data Hub will be our flagship research effort to kickstart the building of a body of knowledge focussed on migration in India. We will host this as a challenge and will combine 2 key elements:

  1. Support research entrepreneurs who would like to focus on the problems relating to the needs of the migrant community particularly those identified under theme 2 (pilot projects in ethical employment practices, worker welfare, safety nets and inter-state collaboration) & theme 3 (ease of living for migrant workers: access to housing and civic services) of The ReSolve Initiative.
  2. Develop a Centre of Excellence/Collaborative that will become a permanent long-term home for migration work in India and will develop a continuing research agenda. The design, construct and governance can be proposed, by the partner institution.

We will look to fund papers under the first element mentioned above and would support the building of a Secretariat for the Centre of Excellence/Collaborative.

The idea behind this two-pronged approach is to support research, rope in other institutions and benefit from their expertise towards building the ecosystem for data and evidence to fuel problem-solving in the space of migration.

Open Call: We are open for proposals (~5 pages in length) which succintly capture the objectives, outcomes and the profile of the research institution and make a compelling case for hosting/conducting the research. Proposals will be evaluated on a rolling basis by our team and can be sent to us at

If you have any questions, please see our FAQs here.