Rohan Vyavaharkar

Director, Marketing & Communications
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"I don't care about your background or where you started. I care about where you're going."
Rohan Vyavaharkar
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Rohan leads marketing and communications at Omidyar Network India and is responsible for strategic marketing programs, communication campaigns, and content initiatives.

Prior to joining the firm, he was deputy managing director at Stepathlon Lifestyle, where he worked to drive sustainable behaviour change within global organizations and for consumer brands.

As head of communications at Twitter India, Rohan led the roll out of Twitter Samvad, a government initiative that aimed to deliver communications to mobile users via SMS. Before Twitter, Rohan worked at Red Bull India, where he drove disruption in the Advertiser Funded Programming (AFP) model to help Red Bull monetize its own branded content through deals with Asian television and digital networks. In addition, Rohan co-founded Argonium, an integrated brand communications company focused on building narratives across industries and geographies.

Rohan has a B.A. in economics from the University of Mumbai and an M.S. in broadcast journalism from Syracuse University.

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