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Learnings from a Decade of Investing For Impact

17th January 2019
Learnings from a Decade of Investing For Impact
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The impact investing – investing in mission driven for-profit entrepreneurs – industry has completed a decade in India, and made important contributions to improving the lives of hundreds of millions of Indians. To reflect on the milestone, we partnered with leading Indian business daily, Mint, to publish a 3-part series of op-eds:

Learnings from a decade of Investing For Impact: A decade after social impact focused investments first began  in India, we look at some of the key learnings of the industry. We also look at what we must do in order to ensure our investments and vision remain relevant in an increasingly digital and mobile-first economy. Read more here.

Reimagining Social Impact: With recent developments in technology and smartphone penetration, India is changing dramatically, enabling innovative ways of achieving social impact. In parallel, the profile of social impact entrepreneurs is also undergoing rapid change. We discuss the opportunity to reimagine impact investing – including defining target populations for social impact and the sources of capital for impact investing. Read the article here.

Beyond Tradeoffs: As the debate around returns from impact investing capital grows, we suggest that it is time to look beyond trade-offs to develop sophisticated approaches that deploy capital at multiple points along the returns continuum and that appeal to varying types of investors. Read the article here.