Unlocking the full potential of India’s MSMEs through Prompt Payments

The role of MSMEs in driving India’s economic growth remains undisputed. MSMEs have been long battling the problem of delayed payments leading to liquidity constraints and working capital deficits.To address this rampant problem, GAME along with Dun & Bradstreet India is partnering with relevant stakeholders and influencers to bring the enormity of this issue into the spotlight and encourage the adoption of effective solutions across the sector.A first-of-its-kind report on the size, nature, and manifestations of delayed payments in India, this study, Payments on Time, Growth Har Time is the focal point of our initiative and will shed light on the massive impact of delayed payments on the supply chain ecosystem including MSMEs, industry bodies, buyers, and other stakeholders.   This report will also offer recommendations and solutions to solve the problem and encourage timely payments. As part of our efforts to ensure timely payments, reputed corporates from across the country have reiterated their commitment to pay their suppliers on time.

Please do read the whitepaper below or download it as a PDF here.