Listening report 2020: What we learnt from the people our entrepreneurs serve

By Varad Pande, Ruchi Hanasoge and Rahul Bhide

At Omidyar Network India (ONI), we invest in bold entrepreneurs who help create a meaningful life for every Indian. Inherent in this purpose is our commitment to 'every Indian', with a deep focus on the Next Half Billion (NHB). In the context of Covid-19, the importance of understanding and serving 'every Indian' becomes even more relevant.

In order to support our entrepreneurs and the NHB, we have instituted an annual systematic process to listen to the voices of the people whom our entrepreneurs serve. In 2019, we did this in partnership with 60 Decibels - they spoke with 200+ customers of each of 16 portfolio organisations. These are our learnings from that process.

You can download the report as a PDF here.