Building a truly Indian and reliable home for quality medical services – Why We Invested in myUpchar

Building a truly Indian and reliable home for quality medical services – Why We Invested in myUpchar

"Whether you have a bad cold, a superficial injury or something more serious, for most of us, treatment almost always begins with a trip to the doctor’s clinic. If you consider that the doctor-to-patient ratio in India stands at 1:854, it means that there is a constant demand on a doctor’s time to provide even simple medical advice about one’s runny nose. This also means that those who need more urgent attention often are unable to get it at the right time"

Another issue is that of access to hospitals or primary care clinics. While the number of Health and Wellness Centres (HWC) are set to grow exponentially under the Ayushman Bharat scheme, there is another rapidly growing space that is a potential solution to this problem – the internet. As the number of data-enabled smartphone users continues to rise, there is immense potential to address the issues of access to doctors as well as information asymmetry.

This is the solution that myUpchar has built. One of India’s largest health content platforms, myUpchar, is working to bridge the awareness gap in India’s healthcare sector and solve access problems for the same in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities across India. It works with qualified doctors to create high-quality health-related content in over a dozen Indian languages.

myUpchar is focused on creating a unique solution not only to tackle Information asymmetry in the healthcare space but also to provide affordable access for all through free or affordable remote consultations. The platform has a bank of health-related articles and videos in multiple languages created by top doctors. Patients can then request a consultation through its website or app and consequently get a treatment plan from a qualified and experienced doctor. Users can also book home tests from accredited labs and order prescribed medication to be delivered to them. Subsequently, myUpchar’s ‘care team’ follows up with patients and tracks relevant vitals to ensure positive and measurable healthcare outcomes. Another part of the myUpchar offering is health insurance, which users can also buy on the platform, making it a holistic, end-to-end health platform.

Founded by Stanford University alumni Rajat Garg and Manuj Garg, the company’s vision is to become the health platform of choice for the Next Half Billion by providing vetted and relatable Indian language content and facilitating affordable access to quality care. It's already well on its way to realizing this vision with a network of over 10,000 doctors that works with patients speaking 5 Indian languages, besides offering services in English.

myUpchar’s focus on solving problems of information asymmetry and lack of awareness by using technology to provide information in multiple languages and providing consultation at affordable prices is on point with our HealthTech strategy.

We also believe in investing in companies that help NHB overcome their reticence in using the internet and build trust with the digital medium to help them realise the power of the internet. myUpchar is an innovative solution that is creating significant and long-lasting impact on India’s healthtech sector by giving access to clear and reliable knowledge and providing quality health services to the NHB. And we believe it is exactly what the doctor ordered for India’s healthcare sector.