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The way ahead for skilling India

24th June 2019
The way ahead for skilling India
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As India’s workforce gets ready for the 21st century, it faces the major challenge of skilling those in the MSME sector, the unorganised sector while also having to build systems and processes that account for a complex training environment. Our MD Roopa Kudva and government of India Secretary, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Dr KP Krishnan wrote about the possible solutions in the Hindustan Times.

Unique to India is the 90% of India’s workforce concentrated in micro, often informal enterprises. This workforce face unique impediments to undertake formal skilling leading to lack of sufficient productivity. Also to meet the employment challenges of the country, we would need 100 million more micro-entrepreneurs (aka mass entrepreneurship). So far, larger skilling effort has been placed on formal employment with provision of recognition for prior learning. For boosting India’s economic growth, the skill efforts of the country need to focus on the informal sector with a view to support existing entrepreneurs as well as create more micro-entrepreneurs. Read more in the Hindu Business Line.

The Skill India mission requires an ecosystem-first approach to make skilling demand-driven and efficient. This will mean overcoming barriers such as information asymmetry, lack of quality assurance and industry participation. Across the value chain of selecting a training provider to getting training, assessed and job with sufficient mobility, these barriers come into play. We look at how technology and good governance. Read more in the Indian Express.