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For these ‘Covid-proof’ businesses, there’s no better time to make some money

27th April 2020
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Photo credit: The Economic Times

Covid-19, undoubtedly, is bad for business. But for some companies, the outbreak has opened a window of opportunity. Take the case of ‘WhiteHat Jr’, an online platform teaching ‘coding’ to kids: the company has doubled its growth in the past two months.

That’s not all. A few weeks before the epidemic turned into a pandemic, WhiteHat Jr had launched its coding tutorial services in the US. The lockdown that followed (in America) helped the company log a bumper 200 – 250% growth in enroll ..

“Prior to the outbreak, we were growing 40 – 50% every month… But once the lockdown was in place, our growth skyrocketed. School shutdowns and work-from-home arrangements have helped us,” admits Karan Bajaj, founder-CEO of WhiteHat Jr, which has booked over 2.5 lakh student trials, 5 lakh-plus student projects (created) and over 1,000 tuitors on-boarded in the last few months.

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