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Why edtech must embrace live teaching models

1st October 2019
Why edtech must embrace live teaching models
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Source: The Financial Express

by Siddharth Nautiyal and Vamsi Krishna

Today, across the social spectrum, there is an increasing willingness of parents to invest in their children’s education. Both government and private players have improved the quality and scale of education being provided. Despite this, learning outcomes for students are far from desirable. As a result, a large proportion of children in India supplement school learning with after-school tuitions.

While after-school classes is a multibillion dollar industry in India, the market is fragmented. There are two key segments. One is individual-driven, small neighbourhood tuition classes with wide-ranging quality. The other is institutions catering to 100-plus students. Some of these larger institutions do have standardised, acceptable quality, and a few established brands have spread beyond their local geographies. The established brands, which cater to 2-4 lakh students annually, also tend to be the most expensive, costing Rs 40-50,000 for school tuitions and over Rs 1 lakh annually for test preparation.

Several edtech solutions have emerged over the years to bridge this quality and affordability gap. Most solutions are self-paced and are meant to be deployed at home as an additional support beyond tuitions. The supplementary nature of these solutions has not solved the affordability gap as they add further burden on parents’ wallets that already bear school and tuition fees.

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