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We are data rich, let’s use it right

26th November 2019
We are data rich, let’s use it right
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Source: Livemint

Photo: iStock
Source: iStock/Livemint

By Sushant Kumar

Social applications that build on data are limited only by imagination. This is true across sectors—cancer research, civic governance, urban planning, agriculture and more. After an outbreak of Ebola in Lagos, government agencies collaborated with mobile operators and healthcare organizations to share data on patients and contain the spread. Similarly, Ola Mobility Institute is using data from its rides to help the Telangana government cut accidents due to potholes.

India is rapidly becoming the largest data-rich democracy with data from government records (geographic and demographic data, municipal tax records), IoT sensors, citizen-generated data (location data from Uber, search data of Google). However, this treasure trove of data remains under-utilized for social impact.

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