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Responsible tech can empower the next half billion: Roopa Kudva

8th January 2020
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Source: Livemint

With 2020—a year that had people setting targets for transformation throughout the 2000s—just weeks away, Mint invites thought leaders to share their vision for the next decade. Roopa Kudva, managing director, Omidyar Network India, says India needs to develop and implement good data practices through inclusion, privacy, consent and user control.

By 2022, half a billion low middle-income and lower-income Indians would be online for the first time via mobile phones. Currently underserved and excluded, they aspire to improve their lives. Leveraging this desire and the power of markets, businesses and governments can accelerate delivery of a range of aspirational services—including financial services, education, mobility, and healthcare—to this “next half billion”.

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