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Opinion | Creating safe spaces on World Wide Web

8th January 2020
Opinion | Creating safe spaces on World Wide Web
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Source: Livemint

The first mobile phone call in India was made in 1995. Two and half decades later, India has more than 1.3 billion mobile connections, close to 600 million internet users, the cheapest rate of data globally, and the highest data usage per user in the world at 9.8 gigabyte (GB) per month.

We have come a long way from counting minutes and megabytes to using the mobile phone as an integral part of our daily activities.

This digital revolution has resulted in remarkable value for citizens through seamless delivery of both government and private sector services. For example, transferring money from one bank account to another takes seconds, paying electricity bills is easy and booking train tickets is a matter of few clicks. The latest movies are available to watch at home and it is raining discounts on shopping apps.

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