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‘Impact investing will become more mainstream after covid’

21st May 2020
‘Impact investing will become more mainstream after covid’
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Photo Credit: Mint

Omidyar Network India is focused on supporting its portfolio firms through the current crisis but is also evaluating fresh proposals. In an interview with Mint, Roopa Kudva, ONI’s managing director, spoke on the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on investments, valuations and the role of digital channels. Edited excerpts:

What would be the role of impact investing in a post-covid world?

We expect impact investing to change in two ways: It will become “mainstream” and more tech-led. The momentum that impact investing was gathering will accelerate, with far more attention now on building resilience and catering to the needs of lower-income populations and small businesses. In recent years, mainstream venture capital has also been flowing to this segment. We also expect a greater focus on measuring impact beyond only financial returns.

The impact investing space will become more tech-led as the covid-19 situation increases comfort with using digital channels and with requirements for physical distancing expected to continue. We will see a combination of digital and offline business models where technology will augment delivery of products and services for the “NHB”or next half billion Indians.

Tech will also increase opportunities for them to improve their access to employment, productivity and raising income levels.

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